All About In-Die Spot Welding Provided With Our Metal Stamping Services In Minneapolis, MN

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Our production lines at Thomas Engineering Company are unique in their ability to provide precision stamped parts with efficient in-die forming processes. Our technology is able to efficiently combine multiple processes with in-die staking, tapping, and, in some instances, spot welding. These operations are all part of our high quality, precision metal stamping services in Minneapolis, MN.

In-die spot welding is one of our most time-efficient streamlined processes here at TEC. The process combines stamping and spot welding for select parts into one seamless operation, substantially reducing the time needed to complete a part.

Spot welding alone is a complex method of welding small areas quickly and effectively. The process requires extreme precision and accurate application of power depending on material resistance, sheet thickness, and size of the spot.

Process of spot welding:

  • Spot welding is a direct application of electrical current to a weld spot on a metal sheet. The material resistance to the electrical current creates a spot of heat that bonds two metals (the sheet and the piece to be attached) together.
  • The amount of electrical energy applied to the weld spot depends on the properties of the metal that determine the metal’s resistance to the current.
  • Too little energy applied to a weld spot will form a poor bond, while too much energy applied can melt beyond the desired weld spot or burn a hole through the sheet.

Spot welding machines consist of five basic parts:

  • The power supply provides energy to the capacitor bank, which stores energy.
  • The switch releases the stored energy into the welding transformer, which ramps up the current and decreases the voltage.
  • This means the switch can handle a lower current while the spot welder can still deliver a high energy weld.
  • Finally, the welding electrodes concentrate the pressure and energy released into the desired spot.


Spot welding can quickly and accurately bind two metals in an exact spot. The process gives the advantage of reaching spaces and corners, fast bondage, and the elimination of human error. Our in-die spot welding offers the even greater advantage of combining spot welding with in-die forming and stamping. This process saves our customers the cost of the energy and time needed for multiple operations.

If you’re interested in our in-die spot welding or other metal stamping services in Minneapolis, MN contact us at Thomas Engineering Company today.

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