Benefits of Tape & Reel Packaging for Electrical Components With Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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Thomas Engineering Company is an industry leader in the production of electronic connectors and with precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, serving one of the largest markets in metal engineering. These precision-stamped, electronic parts may face difficulties during shipping. To keep TEC electronic parts from sustaining any form of damage during shipping with our Just-in-Time Delivery guarantee, we use a form of packing called tape & reel packaging.

As a part of our value-added services, we provide automated tape & reel packaging for electronic connectors and other electronic components as requested by our customers. These components are most often used as the electronic connectors to join and adapt wires, terminals, circuits, and cables.

The most common parts that we use tape & reel packaging for are terminal blocks, posts/banana connectors, insulation displacement connectors, plug-and-socket connectors, blade connector, ring/spade connectors and battery contacts.

What is Tape & Reel?

Tape & reel packaging is relatively new packing technology. Electronic components and other small parts are fed into separate pockets that fit the design specifications of each part exactly. These pockets are molded into an air-tight, dust-free plastic tape that serves to protect each pocket, hold the part in place, and organize the entirety of the parts into a connected string. This tape has a row of sprocket holes along one edge, allowing for indexing. The tape is then machine-rolled around a clean, strong plastic reel. The tape & reel system much resembles a film tape & reel device.

Why Tape & Reel?

The advantages in using tape & reel packaging include:

Allows precise orientation of parts to our customers’ assembly line equipment

Packaging adaptability to electronic component specifications

Tape protects parts from contaminants, damage and electrostatic discharge (ESD) during shipping

Reel provides rigid protection of tape and parts during storage, shipping, and handling

Our tape & reel packaging capabilities save our customers time and money while effectively protecting important electronic components and parts during assembly and shipping. For more information about our packaging abilities and our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at 763-533-1501.


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