Bruderer® Presses Used in TEC Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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At Thomas Engineering Company, we take pride in working with the best equipment available. For the most accurate and efficient stamping procedures, our production floors utilize five different types of specialty Bruderer® presses ranging in size from 22 to 75 tons. Our collection of presses are able to perform with efficiency and precision in accordance with specifications for all types of TEC metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

The advantages of using Bruderer presses come from the quality of tool design and machine engineering. Bruderer is one of the oldest and most proficient press engineering companies in the world. Their products are some of the most reliable and innovative available to metal stamping companies across the globe.

The Bruderer presses we utilize daily at TEC include the following:

22.5 Ton Bruderer BSTA-200-60BE High Speed: One of our newest, this press operates at speeds of 100-1800 spm (strokes per minute) with an adjustable stroke range of 8–36 mm. Though it is our smallest, this Bruderer press can produce excellent results with efficiency and precision unequaled in many other machines this size.

60 Ton Aida Bruderer: This press, also a new addition to our operations floor, works at speeds from 70 to 700 spm with a press force of 600 kN. Because this press is a high performance, versatile machine with an adjustable stroke and improved mass balancing system, it can be used cost-effectively for many purposes.

30 Ton Bruderer Straight Side: The 30 ton Bruderer press comes in three variations of sizes and abilities. Our straight side press has a highly adjustable stroke and allows for a universal area of application to meet many metal stamping needs.

30 Ton Bruderer High Speed: A variation of the 30 ton straight side, this high speed press operates at ranges of 100-1500 spm.

75 Ton Bruderer Straight Side: Our largest Bruderer press, the BSTA 75 operates at speeds of 70-700 spm with an adjustable stroke of 20-76 mm. With an adjustable Power Ram and an Automatic Ram Lock, the 75 ton Bruderer is a reliable machine for many purposes. The pressure lubrication system recirculates continually, and a built-in heat exchanger keeps this machines running smoothly.

For more information about Thomas Engineering Company and our use of some of the most unparalleled presses in the world for precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact us at 763.533.1501.


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