Manufacturing Quality Carbide Composite Tools with Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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Since the mid-1960s, Thomas Engineering Company (TEC) has made use of the high quality and valuable reliability of BRUDERER stamping presses and equipment from several other companies meeting the Quality Assurance standards of TEC excellence. We’re able to use these presses, machines, and tools efficiently and at a level of maintained precision because they work so well in tandem with our own tools on and off the assembly line. For example, TEC specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-speed carbide composite tools with our abilities in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN

Carbide composite are a combination of carbide particles acting as aggregates and a metal binder that completes the matrix. According to manufacturers like, tools made from carbide composite are used in many manufacturing industries for high-stress functions that demand heavy-duty strength. The common types of carbide composites are titanium carbide, tungsten carbide, and tantalum carbide.

Uses: Frequently, carbide composite parts are used for cutting durable materials at high speeds for extended periods of time. Carbide composites can also be used for other purposes where tools are needed to maintain quality and function throughout high-stress situations. Tools that are exposed to daily extreme wear and tear survive for longer periods at peak condition, if the parts of that tool that perform the cut, coining, or forming, or endure other types of friction and pressure are made from carbide composite materials. The binder of the metallic material in a composite works to cement carbide particles, offering an increase in durability, ductility, and flexibility in parts made from those materials.

Benefits: Because carbide composites offer improvements in certain properties, it provides several benefits to parts made from carbide composite materials. In cutting applications, carbide composite blades give a higher quality surface finish on the parts they cut. Carbide composite blades can also hold their integrity under higher friction temperatures, allowing them to cut faster for longer without wearing away. Most carbide composite tools can use an additional coating of hard metallic matrices similar to the tool base. These coatings serve to further increase the durability of the part or tool in question.

Carbide composite tools are used in many industries from the automotive industry to nuclear power production. At TEC, we recognize the power of Carbide composites and that’s why we specialize in their production along with our other production specialties. For more information about our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact TEC at (763) 533-1501 today.

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