Connecting Customers Across The Nation To TEC’s Metal Stamping In Minneapolis, MN

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Though Minneapolis is one of the 50 largest cities in the U.S., its borders only stretch so far. Because so many industries outside the reach of Minnesota form a market for the parts produced at Thomas Engineering Company, we use a network of sales representatives across the U.S. to work with our customers. These sales representatives connect our customers back to us, giving them access to our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

Our sales representatives know our company inside and out, and many have spent more than 25 years building relationships with our engineers, mechanics, management, and customers. Even our newest remote sales representative has already worked with us for 4 years.

From our production lines to you…

Our customer service representatives act as essential middle-men between our customers and our main company building in Minneapolis, MN. These reps work with customers in each industry we provide services for, whether it’s electrical, automotive, or medical.

Though our representatives are not specifically trained to answer detailed technical questions for our customers, they’ve developed an indepth knowledge of our capabilities in metal stamping and of the metal working industry as a whole.

Many of our representatives also work for machining, casting, and molding companies within the metal parts industry and can offer our customers an even wider web of connections between the supplier and our operation lines.

Beyond the sale…

The primary goal of a sales representative is to help to complete the order or project for the customer, while working with TEC. Our representatives go the extra mile and follow up after each part of the sale process.

If you need a prototype, your sales representative will be there to make sure you’re satisfied with the parts produced by TEC. Representatives work to make sure customer expectations are met with quality parts, timely production, and fast delivery.

From the beginning of a sale introduction to the final delivery and review of the product, our sales representatives will be there for each customer. Find a rep near you today or contact us at Thomas Engineering Company for more information about our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

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