The History and Growth of Industrial Just-in-Time Delivery and Its Role in the History of Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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In the 1960s and 1970s, a new approach to manufacturing began its introduction into the global industrial world. This approach was first established in Japan when major companies like Toyota created new methods of cutting down waste, time, and cost of production. Leaning out the manufacturing process in general was possible because of the concept of Just-in-Time (JIT). The idea of supplying parts as they are demanded is now a crucial part of most industrial manufacturing companies across the globe. At Thomas Engineering Company, our own ability to provide our customers with Just-in-Time Delivery  is all thanks to JIT manufacturing and the role it played in the history of metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

After WWII, Japan struggled economically with low funds and few natural resources along with a lack of space to utilize for manufacturing. The Japanese industry had to overcome these problems to survive, and ultimately, leaning out manufacturing processes were the result.


The idea of JIT manufacturing relies on the demand of a product. In today’s industrial world, producing things only when they are needed makes perfect sense, but in the past, the industry was set up based on stockpiling inventory and allowing customers to “shop” for their needs. Unfortunately, the older methods left behind waste in the form of unused parts gathering dust and production materials waiting to fulfill their purpose.

When JIT production was slowly adapted throughout global industries, waste became less prominent at each stage of the process. Toyota is often recognized as the forerunner of JIT manufacturing and lean production, but the concept quickly spread throughout the automotive industry during the 1970s and 1980s. While JIT clashed with another new manufacturing concept—manufacturing resource planning (MRP), a process that used new computer technology to predict and plan the trajectory of resource uses and needs—the idea of JIT prevailed by the early 1990s.

Since the mid-1990s, the global market as a whole has adjusted to the patterns of JIT production. Adapting JIT manufacturing systems into TEC production has allowed us to provide our customers with the benefits of Just-in-Time Delivery services.

With our Just-in-Time Delivery, your schedule is honored as an important part of TEC production. For more information about our Just-in-Time Delivery and how the history of metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, shaped our JIT production techniques, contact Thomas Engineering Company at (763) 533-1501 today.

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