Using Interchangeable Tooling Today and Its Role in the History of Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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The majority of tools and technology used in the metal stamping industry have developed alongside each other. From air tools that are used in many varied industries and professions, all the way to highly specialized and fully automated machinery for large-scale production, large strides and innovations have been made at all levels throughout the years. While there is some digital technology today that has advanced further than the mechanical technology it’s paired with, in most cases the evolutions of types of metal stamping equipment have moved forward hand-in-hand. At Thomas Engineering Company, we make use of the highest quality technology available in the industry, and we’re able to provide our precision metal stamping services thanks to the history of metal stamping and rigging services used to haul these heavy materials.

One important piece of metal stamping technology that TEC engineers and technicians put to good use is interchangeable tooling.

Interchangeable tooling is based on the design concept of interchangeable parts. These parts are manufactured to be identical in terms of practical use, meaning they can be used in the same assembly operation. For example, one type of component can be interchangeable with another type of components because they were designed and manufactured with interchangeable tooling.

With interchangeable tooling, TEC customers avoid the cost of additional designs and tooling processes. The use of interchangeable parts also means equipment is more quickly and effectively repaired, and parts can be replaced without needing custom part design and stamping.

The concept of interchangeable parts grew during the industrial revolution. In the U.S., the idea was most important with the increased use of assembly lines in manufacturing plants across industries. Lathes, planers, milling machines, PCD Tools, and other machine tools developed during the early 20th century had the biggest impact on the growth of interchangeable parts.

When electrically-powered machinery and computer-aided design and manufacturing were integrated into most industries, interchangeable parts could be realized to the highest degree of accuracy.

Today, TEC uses interchangeable tooling to provide customers with the precision-based interchangeable parts they need for efficient, cost-effective production.

For more information about the history of metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, and the precision metal stamping we offer at Thomas Engineering Company, contact us at (763) 533-1501 today.

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