The Three Major Pillars Supporting High Quality Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

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For over 50 years, Thomas Engineering Company has specialized in precision metal stamping, providing custom stamped products to companies across the country. Maintaining excellence over the years has taken dedication to growing as a company and developing new design and manufacturing processes as the advancement of metal stamping technology continues. TEC’s abilities as a company are supported on three pillars: people, production, and technology. These pillars are fundamental to the Thomas Engineering Company’s standards for high quality precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

The combination of each pillar upholds our standards as they work together to create finalized precision stamped parts and deliver them to our valued customers.

People: From engineers and machine specialists to accountants and representatives, TEC production is made possible by the hard working people on our staff. Our experienced engineers supply innovative part design, die design, and the effective use of software, which leads to the quality touch that marks TEC products. Our proficient machine technicians and floor operators keep equipment and production lines running smoothly to get orders to our customers on time, and our customer service department and representatives across the country top off the well-oiled machine that is the pillar of TEC people.

Design & Production: Without a quality product, however, even the best people in the world cannot make a good company. TEC engineers have established innovative approaches to part design with advanced CAD/CAM imaging software and rapid prototyping abilities. With customer-engineer communication throughout the design process, the finished drafts and prototypes of any given part will fit the exact specifications needed. Our production process completes this pillar when paired with design, and with state-of-the-art rapid stamping and thin stamping abilities, our production process is just as particular as our design. To accomplish the excellence we reach in the design and production process, we also rely on the third pillar: technology.

Equipment & Software: The technology that makes up our designing software and precision stamping equipment completes the trio of pillars intrinsic to TEC. From progressive high-speed dies to CAD/CAM imaging, we work with nothing but the best. Not only does our production technology allow us to perform rapid and thin precision stamping, but it also gives our engineers and technicians the abilities to complete valued-added services such as in-die spot welding, plating, and finishing, deburring, and more. Our packaging equipment also provides options for tape and reel packaging and other methods of specialty packaging for unique parts.

With these three pillars; people, production, and technology, TEC’s standards for high-quality precision stamping are met year after year. For more information about Thomas Engineering Company and precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact us at (763) 533-1501 today.

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