Creating Quality User-Based Design With the Benefits of Rapid Prototyping in Minneapolis, MN

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The metal stamping industry has created thousands of parts for over a hundred years, but the concept of part design has rapidly changed since the late 1970s as the development of viable rapid prototyping techniques increased each decade. Today, rapid prototyping and computer-aided design plays a vital role in the creation of most new parts. Thomas Engineering Company continues to take full advantage of the many benefits this design process provides, and TEC engineers base the conception of almost all of our precision stamped metal parts on our capabilities with rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN.


Rapid prototyping provides the obvious benefits of saving time, materials, and cost in part design and manufacturing, but the process also offers some unexpected benefits when it comes to creating high quality designs, based on the user.


Speed is advantageous for TEC engineers and our customers alike, but the time-saving features rapid prototyping offers also open the door to creating user-based designs. The turnaround for creating designs is so fast that our customers are able to understand the process and see the creation of their part unfold in a succession that allows for better user-centered designs based on the following benefits of innovation, customer relations, and feedback.


Innovation is important for the invention of any new part designs, but to create optimal user-based parts, innovation is especially important for allowing our engineers to see the use of a part through the eyes of our customers. Rapid prototyping allows for the cultivation of innovation without the loss of time and materials spent on creating a prototype designed without the help of CAD/CAM software and additive manufacturing.


Feedback is also improved with the abilities of rapid prototyping. Because information is made so available between client and engineer during the design process thanks to rapid prototyping, our customers are aware of the progress of their part at each step. This feedback plays a great part in further improving user-based design and customer relations.


Relationships between customers and TEC engineers benefit from the incomparable abilities of rapid prototyping largely because of feedback. Not only does designing a part to exact customer specifications become more readily available through rapid prototyping, but the fast relay of information about any given design is also visually available with rapid prototyping software, improving both TEC’s customer service and our engineers’ abilities to design user-based parts.


For more information about user-based designs and rapid prototyping in Minneapolis, MN, contact Thomas Engineering Company at (763) 533-1501 today.

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