How Our Value Added Services in Minneapolis, MN can Save Money and Hassle

July 22nd, 2015 · 1 Comment

At Thomas Engineering Company, we provide primary part production services including prototyping, precision stamping, and in-die spot welding. We also provide secondary services for our customers’ convenience. Our value added services in Minneapolis, MN make it easier for our customers to realize the potential of our products.

Our value-added services take our parts a step closer to being completely integrated into our customer’s product assembly operations. These services let our customers bring in finished parts for us to put on the production line.

Our precision work services include in-die spot welding, spot welding, in-die tapping, and off-line tapping. This means we can alter the parts in the stamping process with in-die welding and tapping, streamlining the production process. We also perform these operations off the production line.

We continue to perfect the parts off the production line, trimming and shaping parts to function flawlessly. Our deburring services remove rough edges and burrs on our products. Our heat treating services strengthen parts without making them brittle or likely to warp.

We also provide various sub-assembly services, including plating and finishing, packaging, tape and reel packaging, and in-die staking and assembly. In these processes, we take finished parts and ready them completely to be shipped and integrated into our customer’s assembly lines.

Many of our products need very specific packaging and care before getting shipped, and we’ve developed customized processes for each product. Because we also work with our customers to develop new prototypes and parts, we continually develop new packaging processes to fit our customers’ needs.

We provide a system of primary, secondary, and finalizing metal production processes for our customers’ orders. Contact Thomas Engineering Company for post-production value added services in Minneapolis, MN today.

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